Debit and Credit- Tales of Gong and Ward

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Debit and Credit is a series of conversation involving  Gong & Ward. Two regular guys pursuing a professional course in Accountancy in the metropolitan city of Chennai. Their Life revolves around Books of account, Tax provisions, Clients and Coaching Institutes and food.

Ward has an acquired taste in matters with respect to Thoughts and General Lifestyle or that is what he believes. Sports a semi-goatee as long as the elders in his family do not find it clumsy. Popular in Bakery circles and Chat shops as a valued and cherished customer. Follows the dual mantra of DND & ESG viz. “Do not Diet” and “Eat Sleep Gym”. Had an athletic past.

Professional Strength: Good in Tax and accounts, Efficient in work. Goes well with Audit Managers.

Weaknesses: Menu Cards, Confronting Clients.

Hobbies: Eat, A budding ornithologist and Twitcher.

Gong— The Wikipedia on anything bollywood and entertainment, firm believer in the power of Brand. Loves to be attired in comfortable casual clothes. Knowledgeable about the diet chart very well and the calorie content in anything edible, only thing forgets to follow prior to ordering and regrets later.

Professional Strength: Confronting rigid clients and their cronies [read finance dept.].

Weaknesses: Following the timetable, others cannot be mentioned here.

: Watching movies, Drawing.

Common Features: Apart from the above mentioned characteristics both Ward and Gong have some similarities. They both are well.. single, then they happen to be CA students. However both are adorable, immensely helpful and cheerful in times of trouble.


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