Debit and Credit- Tales of Gong and Ward

Birthday Party-III The Knockout!!

Posted on: September 29, 2010

Kaju: Have you seen the movie Inception?

Gong: [With his plateful of Fried Rice and Gobi Manchurian] Yeah, Just a few days after watching Shutter Island. It made me wonder why Leonardo di Caprio would chose scripts with the memories of his late wives haunting him…

Kaju: Chris Nolan is a creative genius, he gives the word IMAGINATION a new dimension. I loved the whole movie right from the word go. Everything was perfect in the movie. The action scenes were mind-blowing.

Gong: Technically no one got killed, as they were simply attacking imaginative people in a dream. And if you see it from a very simple angle the 7 people had a long 10 hours sleep which CA aspirants can only dream of with their eyes open.

Kaju: A long sleep, thats what you say….

IIT GUY 1: [to IIT GUY 2] I seriously had given the challenger a chance, I have to take back my words. He is just opening the gates for Kaju to trample him. Kaju can win in this very round.

Kaju: lets recount the 6 characters and the various levels…Dream  Level1..  All the 6 were there.. with Fischer junior… They were in a Plane in the reality.. Dream Level 2 the..

Gong:  Level 1: The Van Chase Sequence: All the 6 were there and they kidnapped Fischer, the heir of Saito’s rival. In Level 2 Yosouf the chemist was not there as he had initiated the dream sharing in LEVEL 1.  The dream sharing was supervised by Arthur in THE HOTEL , followed by Eames the forger in the Snowfield battle-zone which was Level3.

Kaju: Level4 we had  Ariadne , Fischer, Cobb (Leonardo) and Saito where they faced Cobb’s wife in their dream-place.

Gong: A small error.. Saito was not there in Level4, the 5th dream was the LIMBO where Cobb went to get Saito as he had been grievously hurt in Level 1 and gave up in LEVEL 3.

Kaju: No.. no.. He was there in the 4th level. Or was he..

IIT GUY 1: Round goes to Gong [Lifts his Left hand and 3 fingers]

SoupKaju, your mom has called…

[Kaju takes the phone… while Soup addresses Swap, Flap, Ward and the IIT guys…]

Boy did we expect that? The contenders are tied at 10 points each.. Time for Ward and Swap to predict the final points.

Ward: 15-10 in favour of Gong.

Swap: 15- 10 in favour of Kaju…

Soup: 14-11 Ice-cream stays..

Ward approaches Gong.

Ward: You are going real good. Just keep the drift…

Gong: Boy, it has been easy to tackle him, but why does the lifting of a hand excite you or Kaju’s cronies?

Ward: We place some neat bets and if you win.. you can take the entire booty.

Gong: I knew that you guys were upto something. We can share it.

Ward: [Winks] Ok if you insist,

Kaju [in the background]: No I wont have another, I promise.

SOUP: ROUND 5- The Personal Round

Kaju: Do you like your job?

Gong: Well, it depends primarily on the audits one is sent. The clients can be a terror at times and handling the Audit Manager is not necessarily easy.

Kaju: No, I meant for the pay you receive.

Gong: Again how does it matter to you?

Kaju: Just curiosity.

Gong: A trait which kills the cat… Can I be a little curious?

Kaju: Yes, Go on..

Gong: What did you just promise your mother?

Kaju: Well that is a personal question and I do not wish to answer it like you..

Gong: May I guess it then..?? DO you swim in your bed in the night?

Kaju [appears surprised]: No what do you mean?

Gong: To put it in simple words.. You promised your mother what seems to be not another glass of Mirinda to ensure that your bed does not become a ocean in the night.

Ward, Soup and the IIT guys burst out laughing…

Flap: [To Swap] What does he mean?

Swap: Leave it.. Just plain disgusting. We lost it. Kaju owes us some money now.

IIT GUY 2: Gong just stole the thunder and took the ground beneath  Kaju’s feat. How much do you think would be appropriate? That is a Knock-Out PUNCH.


IIT GUY1: For the sheer entertainment… 5 points to Gong

Soup: And we have a new winner amongst us this year… Gong.The vouchers worth 600 bucks goes to Ward.But before you guys Swap and Flap leave.. Here is a little statistics for you.


X axis= Rounds, Y axis= Points.

Ward: You have rubbed enough salt on their wounds.. Soup.

Soup: Yes, I know.. Love the feeling. How would you treat your friend tomorrow?

Ward: Dude can you pack some more Gobi Manchurian for him. That is the sole reason he came here.

I would like to thank Manjima Roy [for the image of Kaju], MJ Singh, Saurav Mishra, Agneta Ghose, Putcha Vamsi, Tapabrata Banerjee for their valuable inputs. Would also thank my colleagues in Office for allowing me to write during Office hours.

The Various Characters and the various levels of Inception they were in has been shown below…

Character Role 1 2 3 4 5

Van Chase Hotel Snow Fort Dreamland Limbo
Yusouf Chemist y n n n n
Arthur Point Man y y n n n
Eames Forger y y y n n
Fischer jr. The Mark y y y y n
Saito Fischer’s Rival y y y n y
Ariadne Architect y y y y n
Cobb Extractor y y y y y

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