Debit and Credit- Tales of Gong and Ward

Birthday Party-II The Duel Begins

Posted on: September 29, 2010

Soup: Welcome to the Duel 2010!! Messer Swap, Flap and Ward, we have a contest on hand between last year’s defending champion Kaju and a new unsuspecting challenger Mr. Gong.

[To Ward]: Swap and Flap are jointly playing against you this time. The rules of the last year’s duel between Ward and Kaju prevail. [To Swap and Flap] You have already submitted your stakes of a Nuts and Spices Gift Voucher worth Rs. 300 to me like Ward. The winner takes it all minus my 40%. The contenders Gong and Kaju would be judged by the IIT aspirants. If either of the IIT guys  raises his Left hand indicating numbers 3, 4 or 5, it means Gong won that round with 3, 4 or 5 points respectively in that round and if he lifts his Right hand in same fashion, it means Kaju won.

We will have 5 rounds and the last round being “THE PERSONAL ROUND”. You can determine the final points to be secured by the contenders. The winner of such prediction will take home the extra family packet of Kwality Walls’ Choco Delight. If neither of the teams can determine the exact points, it stays in my refrigerator. Without much ado, it seems Kaju is going to initiate the proceedings. Hope my instructions were clear to you.

Gong and Swap nod their heads in affirmation.

Kaju: [To Ward] what fascinated you about accounts or as a matter of fact to the CA course?

Gong: Frankly, I do not remember. This question pops out generally during the first week of a new batch of CA coaching class. I do not have a specific answer to your question.

Kaju: I would like to have an answer to my question, if not you then why do others generally join the course.

Gong: The logic part in accounts generally draws students to the CA course who might not be that well versed in Physics or Chemistry. Sometimes the students opt for this course on the insistence of their relatives which is as good as suicidal. Some are drawn by the sheer pull and attraction of numbers.  Then there are also other factors like a CA are reasonably well paid and 89% of Chartered Accountants have considerably attractive spouses.

Kaju: I am also very much fascinated by numbers. Even a random number interests me like 1729.

Swap: Round 1- Wiki Knowledge.

Gong: Well, it did not fascinate Prof. Hardy as much, however his greatest discovery from Erode found it very interesting. 13 + 123 = 93 + 103 . Right?? I believe the number is called a Cab number.

Kaju: Oh, so you do know about Hardy and Ramanujan. G.H. Hardy was a celebrated mathematician and professor in Cambridge. Well he always believed that Maths is beautiful and doubted the existence of ugly Mathematics. He used to head a secret society in Cambridge University…

G.H. Hardy

Gong: Known as the Cambridge Apostles. His good friend was Bertrand Russel who was anti-idealism and rather made a case for idle-ism in one of his essays. I believe Amartya Sen was also a member in Cambridge Apostles.

Kaju: Oh.. Hmm.. Lets go and collect the Cake and Mirinda.

[In the Judges Arena]

IIT guy 1: Hey that ended real quickly. The challenger just smothered Kaju in the latter’s specialty area.

IIT guy 2: Just the 1st round. Let us see how it proceeds. I believer challenger deserves a 4.

IIT guy 1: Agree. [Raises his left hand and 4 fingers]

Soup: Real sweet. Challenger takes a lead.

End of Round I


Kaju: So are you into tech-savvy gizmos?

Flap: Round 2- Tech-Gizmos

Gong: No not much, though  my brother gifted me an ipod.

Kaju: Which tech gizmo would you like to own?

Gong: Well, as I said I am not much into gizmos… Which 1 would you like to own?

Kaju: A Samsung Galaxy Tab!!

Gong: Why so?

Kaju: I like how it is a perfect mix of functionality and portability, small enough to carry it along, but still functional enough to do all the tasks a desktop can. And it also scores above Steve Job’s i-pad. The i-Phone4 went for severe public bashing after his comments about how people were supposed to handle it.

Gong: Yeah, that dented Apple’s image slightly, however I perceive tech gadgets are largely owned because of the Temporary Cool Factor it adds to its owner.

Kaju: [raises his eyebrows] I certainly do not think so; you said you own an i-pod which you believe adds to your style quotient. For music devices like the i-Pod; the sound coding and decoding is so elaborate and perfect that the quality of sound you get out of the iPod speakers/headphones is unmatched… even the earphones are specially designed to cater to such electric signals.

Gong: Yumm!! [Bites into his cake] I would not mind another helping of the cake. Yeah the intricacies of technology might interest people like you, however people generally purchase devices for the sheer excitement of having something latest. Like everyone went gung-ho and raving about i-Phone 4 and then soon people realized the fault in it. Constant update on the technology front is actually resulting adding to the obscurity of tech gizmos launched a year back. I would like to have another piece of cake.

Kaju: Well I would like to have a refill of a Mirinda.

[In the Judges Arena]

IIT guy 1: Looks like Kaju has found his way back into the contest, after the first round disaster.

IIT guy 2: Yeah, totally would have taken a 5, but for the last few points raised by the challenger.

IIT guy 1: Three to Kaju. [Slightly raises the right hand and 3 fingers]

Soup: And Kaju bounces back, but Gong still maintains a slight lead.

End of Round II


Gong: Did you check out the Roger Federer’s feat of tossing the can out of some ones’ head during the shooting of a certain commercial?

Kaju: Yeah, it is hilarious to see Roger Federer reduced to doing this sort of tomfoolery to garner publicity.

Gong: Dude, Take my word it is not tomfoolery.  It displays the high level of concentration he possesses.

Kaju: High Level concentration!! Where did it go during the  US Open semi-final match against Novak when he had a match point in his kitty? No doubt we are seeing a new master unleash. Nadal is the man. 2  years 8 Grand Slams and he would equal Federer and go onto become the best tennis player the world has ever seen.

Gong: Nah, Federer will rule the roost next year and we might see new champions emerging.

Kaju: No way!! Nadal is the greatest player, the world has ever seen. The youngest player ever to capture a Career Grand Slam surely will leave a mark in years to come.

Gong: Well, even Andre Agassi won the 5 titles which has been won by Federer also..

Kaju: When did he win the Olympic Gold?

Gong: While partnering Stanislas Wawrinka in Beijing 2008. Coming back to Agassi, he won all the 4 titles plus the Olympics Gold, yet Sampras and Borg are considered superior despite the fact that they did not win in Roland Garros and Flushing meadows respectively cause they were a Class Act and not necessarily flashy like Agassi or Nadal.


Soup: Guys!! Dinner is ready.

Kaju: I would get 1 more glass of Mirinda.

[In the Judges Arena]

IIT guy 1: The challenger Gong is  foolish as he is still being loyal to  Federer. I suggest 5 points for Kaju.

IIT guy 2: No, 4 would be appropriate for Kaju’s point of views and Gong’s counter attack, though it was not that strong. [Slightly raises the right hand and 4 fingers]

Swap: Boy O Boy, Kaju takes a lead!!!

Ward: 4 points for those foolish statements 2 years 4 grand slams, Gong had the better of him.

Flap: No way, he was just telling Old is Gold and the Judges know the best.

End of Round III



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